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Allison Campbell


Stats: 5’10”
Hair: Amazing Allison Red

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Psychology

Location: Las Vegas, NV

World-Wide Service


The Amazing Allison is considered to be corporate America's Leading Mentalist and Infotainer. Combining  humor, sensuality, charisma, wit and poise, makes for a mind-blowing event to remember.
Allison has broken sales/lead generation records for dozens of Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft • Cisco • SanDiskDell-Wyse and many more world-wide. 

Born & raised in Seattle, she's called Las Vegas-The Entertainment Capital of the World her home for the last decade. 
Allison has performed in virtually all types of venues and situations, from being the Magic/Mentalist Bartender at America's Top Chef Rick Moonan's RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay Casino to her appearences on national televison & radio.


Truly a Mistress of Mind Magic, Allsion's cutting edge interactive presentaions keep audiences wanting more, and leaves them in a sense of awe. 
The Amazing Allison is a World-Class Mentalist/Mind-Reader, Spokes-Model/Presenter.  When you think of your everyday Mentalist….Think AGAIN!


Audience participation and the seamless integration of your corporate message along with her  combination  of deceptive beauty, magnetic personality, and fantastic showmanship, are all creatively woven into a memorable show that turns any event into a successful celebration!


Trade Shows • Sales Meetings • After Dinner Shows • Cocktail Receptions






2010 - present

2010 - present

The Amazing Allison

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